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03-12-2004, 03:58 PM
To all friends of Music Tapes:

Hello! I'm sorry it's been so long. I've missed you. Sometimes the process of making things, and being alive, swallows me up. It's left me by the sea side, finishing a record in an old drafty house. I visit the ocean everyday. They flood the field behind the old firehouse here, so children can ice skate all winter. I hope these words find you all safe and happy.

After 4 years, I am happy to say that MUSIC TAPES FOR CLOUDS AND TORNADOS is about done. All except for one final song that I am begining now. So, soon. Soon. It will be lovely and fun to send it out into the world to begin a life of it's own at last.

Soon also, THE 2ND IMAGINARY SYMPHONY FOR CLOUDMAKING will finally be made available to all.

I am hoping to have a dream come true and be able to share these things, and a lot more, with you in a new way. This would also include making a place for the GREATEST THINGS LIST to live, be safe and grow; as well as a place to be able to make a great deal more with you guys.

Though I think it was wonderful of Sean to make this board, and I'm grateful, I'm not sure it's the best place for me to be visiting.

There is something It would make me very happy to make with the internet, but it will take a large dose of the kindness of friends and strangers to be possible. If you know a great deal about making things for the internet, website making; have any knowledge of, or have, the capability to host material with a high download rate (or can explain to me exactly what that means), and wish to help :

please E mail: holidaywaistcoat@yahoo.com

And receive the eternal gratitude of a Music Tape.

Many folks have asked about the NIGH movie. I wrote a film script with writer/director/actor John Cameron Mitchell (who made HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH) about Nigh. It's based on a different story from the 2ND IMAGINARY SYMPHONY, though it features the same little boy named Nigh. It's based on a story I'm maybe hoping I can share as a book someday. People in hollywood now must raise millions and millions and millions of dollars (literally, and unfortunately) which, If they are ultimately successful, will take a long, long, time. It's half live action / half animated, John hopes to direct it and it has my music. It's a children's film.

the singing saw symphony is still under construction.

Other than that, I am working on a couple of new inventions along the line of the 7 foot metronome for future musical travels and adventures (and I think there might just be some travels and adventures of that sort in the future).

If you are good at electronics, machine drawing, wood or metal working, or know much about where to get machine parts, and/or would like to help in the creation of the new music tapes machines...
... or would just like to say hello or communicate, please e mail:


Thank you guys for everything, and best of wishes to you all.
I remain,

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03-12-2004, 05:01 PM
Its great to hear about all the new stuff you've been creating, I'm also glad to hear about the 2nd Imaginary Symphony getting released to the masses, I've been enjoying the 1st Imaginary Symphony alot recently and I was wondering about what the status of future Music Tapes stuff was. You're one of the factors that made me want to start playing accordion which I have been trying to do the last few months so thanks for that too.

Oh, also this is indeed the best place for you to be visiting, at least I think it is. I can't help you with any of the website making or mechanics though.
Nice of you to stop by, hope you get all you need to do all you want so you can sucessfully do all you want to do and all those good wishings.

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03-13-2004, 07:25 AM
Oh hello Julian! Its so great to see you back!

I will be sending you an email.. My husband is a fantastic web designer and would be happy to help you.

Can't wait for the new releases!!!

jenny p

03-14-2004, 11:50 AM
yes! i'm very excited to hear the news, and glad to know that things seem to be going well with you, julian. i'm incredibly anxious to hear your new music, and i really hope to catch you live sometime.

03-16-2004, 01:16 PM
Hey Tape, cant wait to haer Music tapes for tornados and clouds. whenya gonna play at Bard College?

-Michael Knight

04-07-2004, 05:05 AM
Hedwig and the angry inch is like the goddest movie ever...so A) you being from here and B) working with the guy that made it equals = awesome

04-09-2004, 08:09 PM
I do miss the old list, I wanted to help a new one grow soon, long and winding, with a home of it's own. So, why not begin here where it began...


I wake up most mornings curled up with my dog Roudolph. We wander into the kitchen, out the side door, and into the yard where lives, reclining on its side in magnificent repose; our Christmas tree. I found it New Years Day on a curb; it still had tinsel on it and wished very much to remain in it's current form as Christmas Tree; away from the chiper's blade and landfill burials that so accompany arbor vagrancy.

Who could refuse passage to one who had so recently been dressed in holiday finery and had gifts piled at his feet; only to see them stolen away by bawling children and be made homeless, and stripped -- who's STILL clutching the Holiday tinsel close to his chest?

In the months to follow, he would give the crumbling old house that has temporarily given welcome to writing, recording, cookie-baking, and constructing; a new dignity. He himself has welcomed and entertained birds daily, encouraging the scores of tiny black birds that wander the rooftops like billowing black clouds, and finely tailored old neighborhood Ravens, to dine in our yard with the greatest of frequency.

He recognized in ME, the need for a hurdle, and offered of his body in majestic recline for this purpose. And so I came to know daily the magical moment in leaping, when the body of human hovers suspended in air above that of Christmas tree; Our shadows, offering for my appreciation a moving picture of the proceedings projected in cinemascopic elongation on the straw colored grass. Or on the snow... Or, the mirror-like puddle reflection of downpour -- and daily triumphant return from the atmospheric hights of my ever aborting arbor orbit. Once or twice even up to my waist in snow drift.

The wind that's carried me with the scent of pine needles, has grown warmer, and most of the pine needles have turned brown. I'm leaving here soon, maybe in the morning, or the next, or the next, and I have sensed in him sentimental longings for the Sea (from which all things came). And so one morning soon, perhaps the next, I will give him to the ocean... and perhaps even give him as driftwood to the pebbley beaches of France.



I found this record in wanderings at a thrift store. It was in the sleave of another record, one of a series of records of holiday music from around the world made in the early 50's. I found instead a perfectly scratched and gouged 1940 album of Hawaiian music (Hawaiian records are a great love of mine) that is truly one of the grandest things I know.


Being near the kind of love you know exists -- that lives in the imaginations of billions -- and seeing it come to roost in the chests of two humans who somehow met, and understand, and know, and HAVE IT, is all the proof one could ask...


More to follow. PLEASE continue with your own!

The response to my good tidings posting has been really wonderful, thank you. I just want to let everybody know that since my nomadic state will be increasingly nomadic for the next month or two (wandering adventures of the eastern united states), I will not have e mail access often. You are welcome as always to write Holidaywaistcoat@yahoo.com , but please forgive me if replies take a while.


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04-10-2004, 01:49 PM

The halls I haunt most every day when staying in Manhattan, are those of the grand Research Library on 42nd st, Bryant Park. I consider it my residence, though its doors are outstretched in welcome to all and I often sleep elsewhere. Its got majestic marble staircases and ceilings that tower to such hights that they are known mostly to clouds. If you do not know it's grandeur, please come and visit someday. It speaks something for humanity.

Takeshi and the Yazuka's night out in: "IKIRU" BY AKIRA KORUSAWA




During the biggest of winter storms on the Nantasket peninsula (home of the ghost of the Paragon Amusement Park - born 1905), the waves wander their way on to main street lapping at the cars and sometimes the storefronts.

I hardly have the words for this. It makes things sound beautiful. It's what all compressors should be. How strange that they should be so rare, and only obtainable to those with huge gobs of money.

the greatest microphone of all times.

My friend Sarah operates the Carousel here. My first visit to this place was a mission to find her and ride her carousel. I had no address for her, and we were not expected.

In this mission I was joined by my Grandmother and my explorer friend Neal from Cape Breton. We arrived in Nantasket to find the Carousel closed, and no sign of Sarah. We wandered and waited and somehow found her. She hugged me and took us took the Caroucel, which she had open and run just for us. I dont think any of us had ever had one all to ourselves, and as we spun, I watched my grandma who had chosen the chariot, and realized that she probably hadn't ridden on a Carousel since she had been a little girl and probably hadn't expected to find herself riding one again. She looked beautiful.

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eunice hectares
04-14-2004, 12:53 PM
- edges of the world - sometimes on foggy days when the oceans disappear. past the seawalls there is a wonderful bottomless distance: infinite acres of air and cloud. how convincing it is when seagulls fly out into it that they could reach outer space.

- an umbrella

- pumpkin soda

- how geese know special places & memorize elaborate maps of how to get back there by air

- living somewhere special and seeing the geese come back every year

- having crushes on old houses

- imagining things for old houses - how if they live in some dumb rich town chock full of goons you maybe imagine that they could disappear and fly away--not literally fly--but they would just suddenly be somewhere else, in the middle of nowhere where their owners or the police would never think of looking for them, kansas or someplace, or they could fly through history. and the house would tell you where it's going so you can meet it there, with sheep and ponies, and play checkers on the porch a lot.

- when dogs jump in lakes

- malte laurids brigge

- blueberry milkshakes (vegan ones)

- thinking about pump organs riding on ocean liners after many years of detainment

- nativity scenes who live in treehouses. the donkey is an astronomer. all the animals gang up on baby jesus and push him and his mom and whatever other people out of the tree and they just lie in the middle of the woods with ferns and stuff growing all over their faces.

- that day in march when it was very windy and there were swans

- being with nesey again today

04-14-2004, 02:49 PM
*sunlight in a green living room

*cold bedrooms and a bed with lots of blankets

*cutting open and slicing avocados

*sitting in Sarah's cold attic, lighting candles and listening to Nick Drake through the walls, going through boxes and finding wonderful things from the sixties.

*the way hands smell (cinnamon) after reading a good book

*midnight and snow in the field across the street from my house, running out with no coat and just socks, and falling in snowpiles.

*waking up with the sun, not an alarm clock

*amazing nights where the sky is so clear you can see the brightest stars from the city, not just planes

*Pangaea and continental drift and seafloor spreading and plate tectonics and volcanoes

*buying random records from the record store just because they look interesting and are cheap

*walking around the city barefooted

*running, not walking, out of school and the sense of escape, victory

*places that have been lived in, carpets worn in, beds unmade, things shoved in corners

*not-from-the-grocery-store bread. thick and full of scent and meaning.

*showers in the middle of the day

*places with a sense of history. like my house. it is one of the oldest in this city (124 yrs old). i like to imagine it as a farmhouse. the old czech couple that built it. and then imagining all it has seen. the buliding of the school across the street. the old famous amusement park. a sense of permanence.

*Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind and other neo-futurist diversions...

*writing on friends' bedroom walls and windows in permanent marker

*clouds being clouds and not teapots or bunny rabbits

*bathyspheres and bathyscaphes and the Mariana trench and Challenger Deep

*working in the darkroom alone and the scent of chemistry and the magic of images on paper

04-14-2004, 05:35 PM
*Walking around in a big old antique store full of the lovely scent of decaying wood and finding things you didn't know you really needed like an old LP of an Orchestra Ping Pong Percussion music. Even if you don't buy anything its nice to know it all still exists.

*Listening to 'In The Aeroplane Over The Sea' while in an aeroplane over the sea. I was flying over to England last year, it was a night flight and before getting to London we had to stop off in Iceland (because it was cheaper to get the flight that stops in Iceland and I wanted to see what Iceland was like anyway even if it was just for a few hours) anyway we were almost to Iceland, all the lights in the plane were on low and it seemed like I was the only one awake. I was listening to "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" which I had planned on doing since it seemed appropriote so I was listening to it on my portable CD players and it was about up to 'Ghost' or the 'Untitled' track and I opened up my plane window to see what was going on outside since the last time I looked out it was just completely black but this time I pushed up the window blocker thing and I could see what looked like the Northern Lights or some strange dancing clouds of light from my plane window and I thought to myself "this is one of the most beautiful moments in my life".

*The feeling when it finally starts getting warm. Even though I love the winter once March and April come along and the weather gets slight warmer, it starts to rain more often, and the sun stays out too long I get a pleasent feeling.

*Having the Window Air-Conditioner unit on Full Blast in the beach house my family rents in the summer. There is just one room with Air-Conditioning and it gets really hot in the rest of the house so sometimes I love to just go in that room and lie down with the air-conditioner on full blast and feel the sweet coldness in a world of heat all over me.

* Being lost in the beach for hours when I was 5 or 6 but after walking alone on a beach full of brightly-clothed strangers laughing to themselves than seeing my mother in the distance looking for me and than rushing over.

* Floating down a canal in England in the morning rain seeing nothing but wrinkling brown water and beautifully green fields and trees and grass and bushes, floating passed all the wonderfully painted boats with gardens on the roof of the boats people have chosen to live in. I would reccomend to anyone spending a week on a long-boat on a canal in England.

i will think of more. its really great spending some time thinking of all the random beauty that has occured in front of your eyes or in your life. that in itself could be listed as a beauty.

04-22-2004, 12:21 PM
Our Christmas Tree has turned the most wonderful orangish red. I mean to give it to the ocean, just as I've meant to leave. But I'm still here, and so is it.

3 days ago I followed the ocean a long way and found a Christmas tree washed up in the surf, exactly the same size as ours, and though water logged, the same color.

the soul of Jack Steeb, who two days ago left it's body in time.

today I played a concert for the ocean.

04-23-2004, 03:55 PM
Breathing in steam while listening to Joe Meek's "I Hear a New World".

05-09-2004, 05:08 PM
piglets. piglets. piglets.
rhubarb pie.

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06-10-2004, 09:43 AM
I was in Kyoto walking down a path by a small stream, that is called "the path of philosophy." As I was walking I came across two birds, that looked as though they were trying to have sex. Though I'm not familiar with bird mating, one of them looked like it flew on top of the other one, and then flew over next to it on the bridge they were standing on. Then that bird flew to the other side of the bridge, and the other bird went and joined it. They stood there for a while, next to each other. One of them sat down, and they didn't really look at each other. They were just being together, like us people do sometimes.

For two weeks in Japan the cherry blossoms bloom, during which time the usually stern Japanese people all get ridiculously excited. There is this one particular park in Tokyo where thousands of people gather, get drunk, play music, and you can walk up to anyone and they will be your friend. All because flowers are falling from the sky.

I don't think I know of anything as astounding as the fact that people move. there are these motion studies, done by Edward Muybridge, who invented one of the precursors to cinema, that involve consecutive photo's of people doing things (naked), strung up together like movies. They are simple actions, usually repeated two or three times. Some of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen.

Clara Bow.

The silent movie theater in Los Angeles. The guy who runs it is a total jerk, but he gives you the opportunity to go there every once in a while, and experience the past....

Its horrible, I printed out the old list, assuming that it wouldn't be there forever, but now that its gone I think I might have thrown it away. Or given it to some girl. That thing used to make me so happy.

Does anyone have an old copy of it, or is it lost forever?

06-10-2004, 03:28 PM
Old people holding hands. Because we're always conditioned to think, unless you happen to be a true romantic, that love will eventually die. But when you see two old people in love it is the most beautiful thing, as it makes you realise that sometimes things do last forever.

The bit in Journey to the Moon by Georges Meliés, where the earth people hit the moon people, and they turn into puffs of smoke.

And Clara Bow is a goddess. I have a picture of her on my bedroom mirror, because she is quite possibly the most iconic and strange looking film star I have ever seen.

07-21-2004, 12:28 PM
Tassels of Frank

Tassels of Frank dangled from my rearview as the German sun beamed down on my arms, as I sped down Otter Creek Road. Nyolch Kotter is who I would introduce myself as on days like this, for obvious reasons, and for some less obvious reasons. Since I was travelling with no pants I decided it would be best to rub down my legs with Cocoa Butter. It would be a shame if I returned from this voyage without a smooth set of leggers. The gravel road turned into dirt as day slipped into dawn, like a soiled ham eases into its bed, soft and oily. For the record, and to my people let it be known, that while I was undoubtedly Nyolch Kotter, both in spirit and in legs, it could be said that a mild breeze of John Firetoes was curling through my mojo, which would explain the saloon incident. To the best of my knowledge and even a bit of yours, I recall ordering myself of Tequila Boob, which the obviously lying barkeep told me "Hosh totta, frack kunter", which I soon found out translated as "Fuck off you weirdo". With one foot in position and the other tapping in anticipation I lifted my foot and placed in directly on the barkeeps shoulder, which as you could imagine did not sit well with the man. I suspiciously lowered the fly to my jeans and pulled out my penis. Even as I did this the barkeep stood still, as if he was trying to convince himself not to kill me. I told him at this point that if he didn't make my Tequila Boob, and fast, that I would resort to tactics in Gold Aquatics. Dumb as a roast he remained still. It was at this point that I thought it would be best if I just got down to what it was I intended to do the minute I walked in the Rye Horse Saloon, to piss in this gentleman's face. I sprinkled an arching spray of urine over the barkeeps mustache. To make a long story short, or a short story lost, the barkeep came barreling after me with his eyes in tears. A little of this and a little of that and the 6 '5' barkeep was later tha day found with his legs and hands tied together with octopus tentacles and a new copy of The Best of Lionel Ritchie on his chest. It was my intent, or better my compulsion, that I would try to leave all of my victims with a gift, hoping to spread my good taste upon them, keeping the spirit of music alive, which basically was what I was about. I was a missionary from the Chapels of Lionel. To sum of our vision, we as Lions would spread the music of Sir Ritchie with an undying spirit and the utmost commitment. I, as Nyolch Kotter did this with honor and love. Luckily I didn't spend much time as Nyolch. Joe Firetoes, for better or worse, was where I felt most at home, and it was he who challenged my fears. Within my mind I envisioned layers of my being, peeling away one by one would reveal the several existing, and even a few new growths, of the many layers of I Jumpy Lorenzo. Now I may have confused there, but let me clear things up or down. Yes I am Nyolch Kotter, and even yesser I am the firm Joe Firetoes, who I made a special point of being my outer layer, but it he Jumpy Lorenzo, or rather me, that you see in the outer crust of this spectacular hell storm of wheels. So it is now my great pleasure to introduce you to me, Jumpy Lorenzo. Let it be said, or better if read, that I am to you what Christ is to Christians, for I Jumpy Lorenzo am the finest and most complexingly perplexing God of Obscene. My Queen it could be said is Right Said Fred, but alas that is a joke as she is the one and only Queen Yoke, the Lady of the Egg to the noble few, the Omelette Disaster to the feeble underclass, and to all those who cower in his presence. Together as a team, much wiser to see one, that is me, but to appease, my lady that is, for she has an inferior complex, which is most understandable, seeing as she answers to me, the Great Jumpy Lorenzo, God of Obscene. Back to my point, and while you're here let me bend you ear, to remind you of my Knelx. At the core of my being, and what sets me above the rest, curdles a swell of magic molecules, the ones that allow us all, Nyolch and Joe, to congregate and arrive in the moments that see winds of distress peel back the layers, making it entirely difficult to be my friend. I haven't the proof to be sure, but I'm pretty certain Lady Eggs enjoys intercourse with Nyolch, which seems strange as he is the most timid of the layers, which may even seem stranger since it is he who arched a stream of piss over the barkeeps mustache, which gives you an idea of the frightful possibilities of Joe Firetoes and even worse, Jumpy Lorenzo. Joe always seemed to arrive when meals where being served, which is why Nyolch has been holding such disdain for Joe these past weeks. In return for his selfishness Nyolch would swoop in for the bouts of fuck. To be such a being, as you can see requires much balancing, which if analyzed would reveal violent storms of molecular chaos spinning through the soul. So let it be known to the those who wish to know or understand why it is that I spread such venom onto this world, that inside myself, as you know lives three, is a man crying out for help. A man who wishes to love again. A man who wishes not to urinate on service people. Mostly of all it is me, Harnk Abartus who wishes to be freed from my mind, one of great sorrow and ridiculous conditions. To this I give you my soul, for haven't the will to live no longer. Goodbye cruel world.

Yours suspiciously and grinningly,

Harnk Eleanor Abartus

07-21-2004, 12:31 PM
William Obscene

A modern discourse for bulldog, on what appeared to be bread, who opened his head and removed his legs and whistled for Sally instead. A week or so, if ever, and while be are having such weather, deliver to us, with good beans and your trust, a dollop of Lester on a feather. On or about or even a shout, Good God we are the Long Toes. To which or whatever, forever together, we seek out the best eskimos. So long and so slender, some sherbet would be nice, if ever you would, if not once then please twice, could you milk my tomatoes or sprinkle my anger, alone sat young Paulie in a large aeroplane hanger. Engines for arms with and his Aeroplane scream, he hung from the roof like William Obscene

07-21-2004, 12:32 PM
Mild Death

Very much within you, although quite rather out if you stand backwards, lies your Glynsthe. Harken back, well beneath the realm of the standard, peeling back the layers of Christ, and yet so blatant and focussed stands your Glysnthe Nobular. In spirit you will find, with the appropriate tools (see Tools and Supplies for Glysnthe Travel by H P Drightson) and a frightening amount of patience, consider it a month if you haven't the mind for long stints in abstract travel, consider 6 years if you choose not to lie to yourself. A fraction of what you consider, and yet even less for what you know little or nothing about, albeit what you think you don't, but rather do if you could only drive your brain with some integrity, rather than being distracted by the sinful chores of modern man. In this condition, and when preparing for your pilgrimage, always consider your true capabilities, and where your heart lies, moving well past the illminded pitstops of what you consider everyday living. Dig deeper than your darkest secrets, bypassing the endless waste of cerebral context, and in it, should you walk the right path, you will find, so equal in both beauty and out right magic, your Glynsthe. Position yourself with an open heart. Open your mind and climb inside your being. At first you will retreat, in fear of what you do not know, and roads to which you know not, and a dark voice calling for you. Let fear guide you not as your are tempted to flee. Let this moment be all that it can offer. Step inside the void of you, in you and all around, confusing as it may be you have just walked inside yourself, as Christ once did just before he created Pineapple. Swim in your fears and laugh with your sins. Take a walk on your ego, deflated and beaten from the endless days of work and chore. Who are you, sitting there in your skin? Are you half of what you thought you were, do you even matter at all. Is the love given to you false and obligatory? Have you been sailing on empty waves? Climb deeper. Shadows of your life spin through your soul, taking back everything you stole. Very much the same, only more true, like the countless times you chose to hurt others to make you life easier. Look deeper, and you will find, unkind as the blackest storm in hell, more violent than your darkest hour, and more precise in its details, the burning flames of hate that is your heart. Burn inside yourself, let the horror riddle your mind with empty hate, and realize that at this very moment you are dead.

07-21-2004, 12:33 PM
Bone Throttle Restitution

Maroon totters and Esquire trekkers, if ever, whenever, or rather together in a tree singing choruses of Jeegotta, to the condition of spiralled Lamp. We can retreat, only for the Boy, who at first appealed to the better side of my mouth, now sits atop my boney skull, panting like a poodle before lunch, dropping mouth prindles. Oysters, and even the ones who dance, while holding Canola poses, can hover over your sister without glue or love. Landslide threats, thinly veiled as Max Factors, frenzied in swells of jester divisions, holding close to the Trottle Grove rebellion, eliminating the cost of Pineapple derby satellites, breaking sound judgement with blatant envy

07-21-2004, 12:35 PM
Transmissions from Nyelk # 975415-k

Jiiber Mlkenz, for all his curlish stints in Voodoo meals, and for what seemed like Wednesday inflation, and while holding place in broccoli standards, opened his locker to put away his head, only to find he had alkready done so. Two heads back and and a similar walk in Bob, put him off from this type of caring, for better or worse he concluded that a seafood dinner was in order. Holy distinctions in Shrimp Arrival distracted the choir, who at first pulled off Beethoven with flawless mockery, was now doing Gordon Lightfoot covers with Al Jolson slideshots. Gold choddles abound, and sister equations in sight, the Dynasty of Larry weakened with the arrival of Scott Doonk, out nemesis in Wilson. Tossing our legs in unison was the smartest move since our decision to remove all Math textbooks from the cafeteria.

07-21-2004, 12:36 PM
False Hope In Algebra Synthesis

Zyidric Mon Voctosh wrapped his head around the Schokkle, alluding to the fall of the Jzebel Dynasty. Wasteful, in that all stood without bread, as King Lnelbin pushed loaves of pumpernickel into the ocean. Sinful, in that a moment never passed without arbitrary punches to the face. Dancey, in that we all danced with a good deal of soul. Mynek and Solondra, both viskens in what was now the New Army of Fitz, were to sink a Blynthe Bomb in the moat that surrounded King Lnelbin's castle, which sat just above the Filthy Hill. Good beans aside, and a healthy dose of shame all but disassembled faith in that mission, leaving behind the weak and the non-loyalists. Six cities would fall that day, 4 to air assault and 2 to lethargy due to unforseen humidity. Never one to fall back on his wealth, Good Patrick rose to the challenge and pushed out with a heavy arsenal of English olives and Sauerkraut, only to be shot down when he got sidetracked looking in the bakery window. this was not the first time a top tier general fell to a sweet-tooth.

07-21-2004, 12:38 PM
The Divide Between Veal and Ramona

Blossoms of neckplants flourished the lawn, of Long Mafe Jines' Equestrian Barn. Where friends and horses, both blue and defined, both warm and so kind, would gather for cocktails and cantelope wine. The socials and the curious, both welcomed and encouraged, would laugh on the stories of brave Philbert Courage. Philbert, it was said, though proof was not given, took to the fields of Sellock Tom Giblin. Before you question, a yes would be said, Tom Sellock was birthed here, behind the red shed. Philbert, as mentioned took to the fields, armed only with blankets and Apostrophe Seals, who as you could imagine were not much of help, as he battled the Trobies, while the seals all but yelped. You might ask, as I did before, why bring the seals, what good were they for. Philbert it seemed, while bright at first glance, took to the silly, which explain his strange pants. Milk battered seahorses and Cadillac steaks, mounted with love upon our dinner plates. We sat and we dined, and love we did find, our love for dear Mife was one of a kind

07-21-2004, 12:40 PM
Patio Fun

Brock Bojiba peeled back his thighs for a look into the Thipple Empire, A brown condition that had begun to assemble just below his femur, albeit just short of what we would once consider 'the Pineapple Chippy'. I faultered in the shadows of Wence Candle, in a step towards Otter restitution, ommiting tender moments of Fronk` to avoid a delay in Polish diplomatic hearings.

I put the stove on and climbed in for a bit of bakey nipnosh. Silos Bandito, my closest friend and lover, took snapshots as I writhed under the fire, picking skin pronks from the French side of my torso, leaving the German side to crust up with BBQ sauce. Dark lodles of Estron filled the crevices of my long genitals, ensuring me a sure position in the Dracula Bone Salad parade, something I've longed for since my toes filed for divorce last Autumn. In the days to follow I would caress my legs with wet blankets of Patrick, leaving my skin borsh and silky. Korbone etiquette says to dunk your soul in Vanilla freckles. I never followed Korbone etiquette, so in spite I lathered my condition in cerebellum extract, something I learned in Detroit

09-25-2004, 02:12 PM
Originally posted by Bellia
During the biggest of winter storms on the Nantasket peninsula (home of the ghost of the Paragon Amusement Park - born 1905), the waves wander their way on to main street lapping at the cars and sometimes the storefronts.

Reading that spurred odd memories...thank you.


Once upon a time when I still feared seaweed more than anything (a time I wish I could return to sometimes), I would go to Hull with my cousin and best friend Andrea and our dads. We parked at the funny slightly rundown house that resembled a mobile house. We never went inside because we were children but I do remember the Florida room with the scratchy astroturf and plastic lawn chair and the woodpannelled walls painted a dull light blue, with old pictures of people that I never knew. I was glad he was not really my uncle but hers because she is really my second cousin but I talk to her more than any of my first cousins who are all much older than I or snarky teenage boys. The Florida room smelled rather musty and we would then run down the steps - the house was up high on cement because it was so near the ocean (not visible from there) and most lovely of all, the lagoon. It is the only lagoon I know of and was sometimes a brilliant turquoise if you were there at the right time of day or if it was polluted enough. Still, tall reeds and grass grew and there were geese that we would chase.

It is not far from the house of the funny uncle where our dads would park their late-80s Japanese manufactured Subaru's with tape-decks (more on that later) and we would walk, carrying with us towels, sunscreen, snacks, folding beach chairs, and sno-tubes. Those are fun though not ideal for Nantasket. Mostly we would build sandcastles and dig deep holes with channels that ran to the water so we could have jacuzzis on the beach and then the tide would come in and everything would be washed away. We would then get bubblegum flavored ice cream and play on the sad rusty animals in the playground.

I used to collect them as I thought they were valueable. Not long ago my best friend and I were talking and admitted that she had as well.

Not just for snow, these are also fun inflatable floatation devices.

My old dog, a yellow lab and golden retriever mix with a skin condition so she had to wear one of those lampshade-type things. She used to lay out in the middle of my old street and the cars would drive around her and she also would ride with the mailman.



Particularly those of the aesthetically distateful variety.

It must be in an old Subaru stationwagon on a long road through some rural town while playing Nice or The Nice on the tape deck and wearing a plaid flannel shirt.


A refuge for the literate and they don't fine me when I return books months overdue.

It was a most idyllic summer day in mid-August last summer when I left the manicured lawns of the hotel to go running, listening to "Motorway to Roswell" on repeat. A long dirt road up a hill let to the sort of neighborhood I had dreamed that I would live in when I am old. It was surreal as everything was how I had imagined, right down to the car ports. And from the top, you can see Mont Orford across fields. One of my friends lives near there in the summer, it turns out. Perhaps I will visit him in the future.

Joe has dressed exactly the same since first grade, in a hooded black sweatshirt and green pants and a shaved head.



It's curious that a television show has had such staggering influence on my life so far (but I'm sure that Julian understands this sort of thing). The creators of the show have said that Pete and Pete was primarily about childhood disillusionment and learning that life is inherently negative and learning to grow up. The key to life isn't power or superior ability, but the way of seeing everything in life with a certain sense of wonder.

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07-18-2005, 03:46 AM
wanting to go to russia

maps of where wolves used to live

fawn-colored anything. especially quilts, collars, mornings, evenings, afternoons, and drawing paper.


in canada: an owl who owns a flowershop. it occupies three floors; the attic is full of snapdragons and rosebushes and little windows for flinging open at night.

playing an accordion flat on your back in a field, having the instrument heaving around on your chest.

all of this, once before, was the ocean floor

cookies shaped & iced like lemony yellow lions

singing "ferris wheel on fire" softly to oneself while riding one's bicycle along a path that has been beaten out by rabbits. in summer.

being alone & apparitions at 5am

you sat there holding the reins of several kites

seeing a really wonderful-seeming dog break away from humans and run off in the direction of the lake while they scream his name again and again and again.


red ink on manilla envelopes

"A cyclist pedaling along with a rope in his hand, leading a horse that trotted beside him." (reported by kafka, in 1911, travelling in turin)

07-18-2005, 06:30 AM

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03-20-2006, 08:00 PM
imagining travelling to places i've yet to see

adrenaline rushes and racing hearts while with a girl i love

eating blueberry pancakes covered with sugary maple syrup, and a glass of orange juice on Sunday morning

holding hands and walking up a sidewalk with an elderly lady i barely know and getting to know each other

the smell, taste and texture of autumn

solar power, hay power, vegetable power, earthly power.... having knowledge enough to realize how terrible gasoline is

the minutes before an ominous thunderstorm and the colour of the sky

studying the factual past and daydreaming the future

the plethora of dimensions we still haven't unearthed, and all of the discoveries yet to be discovered

my dog

thai, italian, indian, and mexican foods

the interstellar delight that is of montreal

vashti bunyan


orange sunsets in the summer

love, which is the answer to all life's questions and the reason for the universe existing

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03-24-2006, 07:23 PM
The friendly librarian who, upon seeing me, excitedly told me that the greatest sentence in the English language is line four of Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow (and I must say, I think I agree!)

Recalling images I had when I was little

Dreams of summer

Driving through rolling fields in Quebec in late August

Watching a robin outside my window for with no regards to the time

Listening to the Minutemen

"Contained" by the Minutemen when D. Boon and Mike Watt are singing their souls out at the end

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04-03-2006, 11:50 AM
i have a printed version of the first if anyone would like a photocopy. it's about 35 pages long. in 10pt! youngjim@gmail.com.

05-30-2006, 11:01 AM
Reading serious philosophy (like Heidegger and stuff) which spends hundreds of pages proving that other people exist, and the importance of your awareness of their solid form.

Making up chords on a piano... preferably while performing

Prohibition songs about drinking

that scene in L'avventura where Monica Vitti makes faces in the mirror

That strange joy you get when you see someone who moves in a way you like

Surrealist film criticism

Jára Cimrman - the person who was voted in a national poll as the greatest Czech person ever, but was denied the title merely because he never existed.

The vision of love in Buster Keaton movies

my girlfriend teasing me, because I'm recording her shadow on the wall

watching things begin to make sense of the world (like puppies, kittens, little rabbits, and maybe even babies of the human sort.... and me occasionally)

when you notice suddenly how light reflects off things, and after trying for a while to remember the science of it all, you give up and conclude its all magic

people playing cello poorly

when my ex-girlfriend was drunk she could play piano like a genius, but would never play it otherwise

the first viewers of cinema who were excited by the fact that they could see the wind moving through the trees

05-30-2006, 11:09 AM
oh yea!

Also, right after photography was invented people took thousands of pictures of things jumping, because no one had ever seen a thing hover in mid-air before.

05-31-2006, 04:08 PM
Sharing your creations with those you love (and enjoying their creations as well)

Melvyn Douglas being young
Melvyn Douglas being old

Being introduced to The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T

Soft beds and sheets

Exploring the woods with your grandfather

Being so tired that you feel soft

Coffee and cookies in the morning

The scenes where children sing in Rhapsody in August

Holding hands while waiting for the car to be towed

My brother laughing when I try to dance with him

Sharing a snack with a friend

Walking with a friend or someone you like

Kiki's Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro

The woman's voice in Paradise by Leo Reisman

The way Bruno S speaks

Finding your favorite writers

Having good animal friends

The grandfather in Heaven Can Wait

The way hot air balloons used to look

Late night phone calls about bats in houses

05-31-2006, 07:11 PM
so how soon will the 2nd imaginary symphony be available? and on vinyl right? right?

05-31-2006, 09:01 PM
just to reiterate one from the old list:

the greatest rolling mossy hill in the world near the (former) site of the musee mecanique in san francisco. climb up it and at night time when you look down the west coast of the penninsula, it looks like the ocean is where the world ends.

an aimless walk on the first sunny, beautiful day after months of constant rain.

aimless walks in general, especially in a place where you've never been and have no prior knowledge of.

a whole hearted high ten.

'lizard's mouth' off of west camino cielo in santa barbara on a clear day.

06-01-2006, 12:55 PM
Walking down a little street near the neighborhood where you've lived for more than 10 years and finding the most wonderful little houses

Remembering the songs and plays I used to make up with my cousin when we were little (this stuff is GOLD, I tells ya)

Talking about childhood with my beau-garçon roux

Reconnecting with friends from long long ago and finding out that we still have a ton of things in common

Sunday night coffee after work

Small town police logs

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06-01-2006, 04:51 PM
finding forgotten tapes from many years ago

waking to the sound of birds at the window

building a tower of random objects

06-02-2006, 09:20 AM
Waking up at 2 in the morning, going outside to pee, and feeling that all your life you have been alive and a part of the cosmos.

Seeing a stranger you have never met and knowing instantly that you are in love.

late night revelations in the rain.

Sailing in small boats on really windy days.

Meeting old friends for the first times in ages.

07-03-2007, 11:01 PM
Originally posted by birdman
Waking up at 2 in the morning, going outside to pee, and feeling that all your life you have been alive and a part of the cosmos.

Meeting old friends for the first times in ages.

i like these..

07-06-2007, 09:04 PM
The face my dog makes when she wakes up

The blurry, uplifting feeling of waking up on a bright, cold morning

The satisfaction of stepping on dead leaves

drifting off while gazing into a campfire

enjoyably horrible movies

mashed potatoes

11-07-2008, 08:14 PM
thank you for reviving this and


Drawing Smiley Faces On Random Objects

Plaid Shirts

I couldnt agree more

11-07-2008, 08:25 PM
oh, weird this was one of the old threads I was reading earlier today feels like a bizarro day in the alltogehter.

11-08-2008, 07:29 PM
thank you for reviving this and

I couldnt agree more


11-08-2008, 09:13 PM
really hot showers, that not only steam up the bathroom, but the adjoining room as well.

amongst those same lines, dr. bronner's peppermint soap.

music, really loudly, in my car, at stop lights, with the windows down, in the rain and the wind, so as to confuse my traffic neighbors.

accordion wheezes.

stringed instrument tuning. listening to my dad tune his banjos is one of my favorite things in the world. one of these days i'm going to borrow one indefinitely (he has six or seven right now. and two or three that are in pieces on the dining room table at my parents house) and just tune it for hours on end.

bare light bulbs.

the feeling of tingling you get in your feet when you rub them against carpet for extended periods of time (i used to do this at work for HOURS, until my feet would go numb. but it feels SO GOOD. it's the same as when you rub your fingertips against the grain of your jeans over and over and over).

making forts out of things you would typically not make forts out of. i got rid of almost all of my living room furniture in a fit of impulsiveness this past summer, and i am in the process of building a fort out of 1.4 tons of wood pellets (although it's less than that, since i'm using them as i go). it's pretty awesome. and at work, we sometimes hide in the 5'x5' liners we make. although those forts are very dark.

mica snow.

the first accumulating snow of the season. i'm getting very restless for this. well, i'm restless for snow in general, but the first accumulating snow is the best. i used to call in "sick" to work on the first snow-y day of the season and just walk around town. but i don't know that i will be able to do that this year, so here's hoping that the first real snow is on a weekend this year. there isn't anything more magical than that. everything is quiet, and glistening and it all feels okay. and it all is okay.

cardinals. one sunny morning two autumns ago, i was doing dishes before work, when i started to hear this little tapping sound, coming from the bathroom. i live alone, so i found this to be a little disconcerting, but i wrote it off as random house noise. i looked out the window over my kitchen sink, and i kept seeing this male cardinal perch, fly away for a few seconds, and perch. over and over again. and while he was away, i'd hear the tapping. investigating further, i ventured into my bathroom, and peeked behind the shade, to see the cardinal sitting on the windowsill outside, tapping on the window. at his reflection. male cardinals are very protective of their ladies, and he thought his reflection was another male. he also used to do this to the window overlooking the kitchen sink. i had energy efficient windows installed last summer, and he hasn't been back since. i miss him.

copper fittings.

the smell of solder.

plaster and lath.

unfinished projects.

this thread.

Akryllic Love
11-09-2008, 11:31 AM
really hot showers, that not only steam up the bathroom, but the adjoining room as well.


11-09-2008, 05:23 PM
http://web.archive.org/web/20010420235949/pub3.ezboard.com/felfpowertownhallthemusictapesforum.showMessage?to picID=201.topic

11-09-2008, 05:30 PM
wearing comfy pajamas all day.
baking desserts and giving them to your friends.

11-10-2008, 02:16 AM
the work of roberto matta and his sons gordon and batan

11-10-2008, 10:44 AM
walking the train tracks over in decatur. there's this science museum and an elementary school right by it, and you have to walk this nature trail to get to the tracks

hearing kids play in the school yard

"intro" to microcastle

returning home to your parents when you're feeling sad

having a party with all of your friends there and having them become friends

making pancakes with loved ones

riding your bike on a cool, autumn evening

"this must be the place (naïve melody)" by talking heads

cuddling with the girl (or boy) you like

ice cream with a cone

seeing the happiness in other people, thus providing you with happiness

cardigans, hoodies, sweaters...

driving on clifton rd in decatur while listening to simon & garfunkel

seeing my brother and friends in athens

the transmet jukebox

the girl who works at agora

the feeling that everything is going to be ok

driving around town with friends


assisting a goal

not taking into account time when you are having a great one

knowing where your keys are

taking an extra step on escalators

christmas midnight mass at holy innocent's episcopal church

seeing my grandma read the scripture at midnight mass

church choirs

11-11-2008, 01:33 PM
having spare change for another person

broken-in flannel

wearing someone you love's clothes when they're not there

singing oh comely with strangers in complete unison

the feel of the velvet of the kneelers in my grandmother's church

eating thanksgiving casserole with a serving spoon straight out of the pan

friendship bracelets

good whistling

names in sidewalks

11-11-2008, 03:44 PM
best first post ever, atp.

11-11-2008, 04:06 PM
the futon i slept on as a child

walking the planks through the bog

laying on the grass while a thunderstorm goes on above

swearing at beautiful antique cars as they drive by in the opposite direction

the smell that freshly cut grass produces

finding books that are so great you barely remember to eat or sleep

the thought of driving away from everyone who loves me

making my own mixes on the audio console at school that i think sound nice

riding my bike everyday, multiple times a day, in huge circles

the musty smell that most basements have

when i used to skip school to visit my favorite spot in the woods

the salty air at the oceanside that tickles my skin

11-11-2008, 06:51 PM
the musty smell that most basements have

oh, this just reminded me of something wonderful.

when i was a kid, we had this railroad set in our basement (i have no idea where it came from or who built it, and i only remember it actually working once or twice, but those one or two times were monumental occasions), and the mix of the smell of the basement, along with the wood boiler (and the pile of wood) that was also down there, and the smell of the fake grass on the train set, is one of my favorite smells ever.

and adding to the list, because there are so many great things.

birds taking baths in puddles.

laughing so hard that you not only cry, but feel like you're going to vomit.

red ninja/blue ninja. my brother brought this up at work today, and i had completely forgotten about it: the first time we ever saw teenage mutant ninja turtles on tv, we had no idea what it was, but we knew it was something amazing. and so since we didn't know what the show was, we said it was red ninja, blue ninja, and he was the red ninja, and i was the blue ninja, and i used to follow him around and we would do ninja things. ninja things include building lego houses and finding good "weapons" (sticks) in the backyard and then peeling the bark off of them so it was just the shiny bare wood.

making dinner for the fairies that live in your backyard. i used to do this all the time as a kid, and i still like to do it now. there is some sort of weed that grows all over the place in maine, it's a low growing plant with big veiny leaves, and these shoots of little seeds, that look like tiny peas. and so, i used to take acorn caps, fill them up with the little seeds and dandelion petals and place it on one of the big veiny leaves and i would leave them out by the mushrooms and on the stumps in our backyard for the fairies.

hand feeding squirrels, chipmunks, and chickadees.

laundry fresh out of the dryer.

the golden hour.

screwdriver handles in the sun.

the doves that nest under my stoop's roof in the summer. in the winter, they live in the spruce trees behind my house.

videochatting with people far away.

the way other people write my name. i am obsessed with this.

lawrence welk's accent. especially when he says "cissy and bobby."

11-14-2008, 02:22 AM
road trips with best friends


photobooths (especially when trying to fit 2+ people)

old family photos

pictures of your parents before you were born

putting a needle to a record

hitting a home run to win the game

having a great conversation with a stranger

that state of mind in between being awake and falling asleep

awesome jam sessions

my keepsake box

interesting cloud formations

musical instruments made for children

watching little kids play

randomly remembering something funny from your childhood

beating your high score

the way earth looks from the moon

bassett hound puppies

03-18-2009, 03:01 PM
-Sitting in a dark room at night and saying, "Goodnight," to everything in the room, the way I used to when I was a child.

-The way a fire smells.

-The cozyness of a good flannel shirt.

-The dizzy feeling you get when you let out one too many laughs.

-The way you feel like you are at one with the water and just about everything and everyone else in the Universe when you dive into a pool naked.

-The overpowering, musty smell that the basement in my Granny's old house had.

-Laying out on old blankets on the hill in your backyard, as the wind messes up your hair and the clouds dance.

-Baggy t-shirts that, somehow, continue to stay soft after multiple washes.

-Getting to know someone all-over again.

-The way that the cold air hits you after getting out of a hot shower.

-Wet sand getting stuck between your toes.

-The sky on a mildly windy, cloudy day.

-When the first snow of the year fully covers the street outside of your house.

-Firefly dances.

-My mother's old tapes.

-Cursive on a dry-erase board.

06-24-2009, 05:02 PM
joyful bump

06-24-2009, 05:38 PM
joyfull bump

EDIT:is that how you spell joyfull?

joyful. :D

06-24-2009, 06:07 PM
thanks! :D

Akryllic Love
10-16-2009, 03:46 PM
the way earth looks from the moon

I came to this thread to post that. But I scrolled down and saw somebody had already said it.


Tell The Truth
11-04-2009, 10:24 PM
please do not hate me.


(give feedback)

09-02-2010, 09:37 AM
Upstate New York in the summer or the winter.

Summer Camp and all it brings, which is a lot more than you would think.

Screaming for joy in unison, or screaming joyfully for no reason at all.

Acting on stage or in film and inspiring heavy tears or raucous laughter.

Nice Dreams.

Nights where I sleep quite peacefully because I don't remember my dreams at all.

Big trees.

Late night discussions with friends in the middle of the woods lit by a single homemade candle.

Nice, kind, non-judgmental people willing to say "Yes, and."

The joy of working with someone with a developmental disability.

Soft beds, soft grass, soft skin, soft eyes that you can stare into for hours.

The shooting stars and galaxies visible while lying on a cot deep down on a river bed in the grand canyon.

The sound of a vinyl record.



Climbing on roofs and looking down on the world 15 feet up and thinking your 13 year old self is a total badass.

High fives.

Mountains, hills, climbing, peaks, descending, reflecting, rejoicing.

Loud, grand applause and the primal beauty of clapping.

Knowing that there are so many beautiful things in the world that I love that they clutter my mind and prevent me from even writing all of them down.

The way music can bring us all together even when we're apart.

09-02-2010, 03:21 PM
soft snow, the kind that gathers when it falls to form huge, light clumps that are soft and like cotton

cool summer evenings on rooftops with wine and friends

sweltering summer evenings in your bed on top of your sheets

spring rains

summer rain scent

peaches, plums, nectarines, and concord grapes

youthful dreams of train hopping across the country

the rolling hills in Kentucky in the country-- you never have to pedal, just roll up and down and on and on and on

the kind of roads/hills you can ride your bike down to the point where you're afraid your face is going to blow off

riding your bike in the middle of no where new york state past fields and farms thinking, this is what it's like to be free

bulbs of roasted garlic, sweet and subtle

the scent of fresh baking bread when you're sad

the smell of curry

spending an hour or two outside in the freezing cold and snow, then going back inside your grandma's for dinner and cocoa and having your glasses fog up

jumping fences, climbing trees, and hiding behind bushes

blackberries outside your grandparent's house

cherry tomatoes right off the vine, still warm from the sun: soft, sweet, juicy, tender

09-02-2010, 03:45 PM
Listening to Hissing Fauna the whole way through.

Coffee at diners.


Driving with the windows down the sun roof open.

Sitting on porches.

The smell of campfires.

09-03-2010, 03:03 PM
Bikes, frisbees, choral music.

Birds...The silent killer
09-03-2010, 06:12 PM
crying children, natural selection, ruined birthdays

09-09-2010, 04:20 PM
the first pressed apple cider of the fall

09-09-2010, 07:40 PM
leaving the sunroof open while it is raining and not getting wet (this only works as long as you are driving fast enough and it is not downpouring).

early pumpkins.

driving until you find the sunshine.

old home movies, mostly of your parents, but also of your first birthday, which you never knew was living within a reel of sixteen millimeter film until your twentyfifth birthday.

collecting change.

falling asleep with nice things in your bed.


baby doves.

perfectly foggy nights. relatedly, when you can't see the tops of things because of the fog. it's lovely to imagine that things have disappeared into the mist.

dreaming of becoming a storm chaser.

99¢ presents.

being kind to other living things.

surreal moments while driving.

dream vertigo.


fresh produce.

card games.

swinging by the ocean.

talking to animals.

crow hops.

spending hours in the chicken barn (http://www.bigchickenbarn.com/).

singing along with large crowds.

wet ear tracks. we had the most wonderful basset hound named lily. and her ears used to drag in the water bowl. after having taken a drink, she would leave drooping wet ear tracks throughout the house.

meeting nice dogs who press their heads into you when you start to pull your hand away, after scratching behind their ears.

that great feeling when you realize that you and a friend are crazy about the same band/musician.

people counting into songs.


ridiculous jokes/puns.

feeding woodland creatures.

the jacot music box company.

good warmth.

inadvertently stepping in a very deep puddle, stopping mid-puddle and then loudly proclaiming, to no one (except for the puddle), OH YOU ARE A VERY DEEP PUDDLE. this is especially enjoyable in crowded grocery store parking lots when everyone is rushing into the store and their cars to get out of the rain.

rain boots.

holding things that used to belong to people who matter to you.

having many projects, most of which are ridiculous.

old school sesame street and mister rogers. and mrs. cabobble's caboose!

staying up to watch the snow fall all night.

good breakfasts.

thanksgiving dinner.

sleeping in/waking up without an alarm.

09-09-2010, 07:54 PM
wet ear tracks. we had the most wonderful basset hound named lily. and her ears used to drag in the water bowl. after having taken a drink, she would leave drooping wet ear tracks throughout the house.

I like this one

Crazy Gnome
09-15-2010, 06:24 PM
shoe tag on the play ground

the braincell game

screaming "im special" in the cafeteria


climbing the basketball hoops


computer class

How Mrs. Davis talked and used her hands

Pissing on the bathroom floor in kindergarden and getting caught

Making max go into the paper dumpster

Clemmy's jabberwalky thing

Mrs. Stelatanos spanish class

drawing skateboard graphics in the library

Alex's kill list

Our rock band we had in 4th grade, but no one played any instruments

The construction site

Throwing rocks at the Warners house at 3am

The stupid swing

Prank calling QVC while Brad's parents watched and laughed

Sneaking inside of the school at the school bonfires

I was an ass hole to all of my friends at one point, and I'm very sorry. If I would go back I would change everything. I didn't know any better. I was an immature dick who didn't know what it was like to be a true friend. I honestly deserved to be spat on and neglected. Thinking back to those times all I feel is regret and shame. but i'm glad we are all great friends now. I'd be dead with out you guys.

09-18-2010, 01:53 AM
staying up to watch the snow fall all night.

This is one of my favourite activities in the world.

11-02-2011, 09:52 PM
Passive closure.

My day was spent.

I've stared at a smile.

hello from julian

hellow from julian

hell from julian

give us hell

jimmy jimmy jimmy

eat a lot

rejected 20x


do it again

shake shake

shep shep shep