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10-26-2008, 09:24 PM
Hey Folks,

I have some good news and some bad news. I’ll get the bad news out of the way first. Leslie (the Lolligags & my wife) our little dog Pip, and Eric Hernandez (HHBTM, Athens Popfest) were in a car accident last Sunday afternoon in Nashville as they were returning to Athens after a weekend of Lolligags practice before CMJ last week. A girl in a SUV ran a stop sign hitting the passenger side of the car. Everyone is okay, Eric has some cuts, Leslie is really sore, and Pip was checked out by a vet and is fine. Eric's car is totaled, our Moog is not working, and my amp is acting funny. With Leslie being really sore, Eric being shaken up and without a car, and since most of the Lolligags sound is based around their Moog, Leslie, Eric, and myself ended up not going to CMJ.

On the Good News end, we recently moved into a new house a few miles down the road from where we were living before, and I had no idea with how much stuff we had in storage. It's been really great to find all these things that I had figured were lost or otherwise forgotten about. One of the cool finds was a box of old Bee's Knees zines and some back catalog HHBTM releases. If anyone wants copies of the following two issues let me know via email. The Bee's Knees ISSUE #21 w/ Elf Power (cover), the Hexxers, Dexter Romweber, Poison Control Center, and Bunnygrunt. ISSUE #20 w/ Dub Narcotic Sound System (cover), Snoozer, the Marlboro Chorus, 63 Crayons, the Aquabats, Rockin' Ryan, the Gossip, the Sunshine Fix, Marshmallow Coast, the Minders, and the Shins. ISSUE #19 w/ the Cramps, Ashley Park, Birddog, All Girl Summer Fun Band, the Blow, Love Letter Band, Owl & the Pussycat, and more. Each issue is $3.00 postage paid in the US & Canada. I also need to make some room after the move, so there are some back catalog titles that I need to get rid of. The following CDs are 5 for $10.00 or $20.00 for all 12 postage paid in the US & Canada. If overseas it will depend on where you are ordering from.
Birddog - A Sweet & Bitter Fancy CD (features Glenn Kotche, Edith Frost, and Elliott Smith)
Visitations - Visitations CD
Elekibass - California CD (features Of Montreal & Great Lakes covers)
Fablefactory - We Won't Rock You CD
Fablefactory - Freak Out Hard on You CD
Calvin Don't Jump - Away with Birds CD
Ashley Park - Secretariat Motor Hotel CD
63 Crayons - Good People CD
Bugs Eat Books - Ghosts of Leaves CD
Men in Fur - Men in Fur CD
Baby Calendar - Gingerbread Dog CD
Ideal Free Distribution - Ideal Free Distribution CD
email me at mike[@] hhbtm dot com
This sale will go on until October 31st. Also on the zines I have just a handful of issue #19, and about 20 copies of issues # 20 & 21.

I figured since I am doing the moving sale, I might as well add the Twee as Satan T-shirts to the list. I have just a handful of shirts left. The shirts are $13.00 postage paid in the US & Canada. I have them in grey with black ink, and black with white ink. Please email mike [@] hhbtm dot com to reserve a shirt. Be sure to include your size, since there are only a few of each size, its first come first serve.

I also want too announce the newest additions to the HHBTM roster being Forever & the Afternoon Naps. Forever will have an EP out shortly, and the Afternoon Naps are currently recording their debut HHBTM full length. The two bands are on very different ends of the pop spectrum, but I think having a bunch of diverse pop bands on the roster is what HHBTM is all about. I won’t try to describe them…just go check them both out on myspace. They both rule the school.

The Lolligags new EP “Out of Perversity Join Hands” hits on December 2nd, but you can order it from the HHBTM website already or through Leslie’s Pancake Meow DIY craft shop. The new ep features 5 new tracks plus two remixes by Andy Gonzales (Andy from Denver / Of Montreal / Marshmallow Coast) & Dan Geller (Ruby Isle & I am the World Trade Center).

I also wanted to update everyone on the HHBTM singles club. The Apples in Stereo / Patience Please split single is back from the plant, and David Crane from Boat sent in the artwork, now I just have to screen them. The All Girl Summer Fun Band / Cars Can Be Blue single has been mastered, and will be sent to the plant on Monday. Jen Sbragia (All Girl Summer Fun Band / Softies) is doing the finishing touches on the artwork for the single now. The Circulatory System / Sound Houses aka New Sound of Numbers singles will be sent off to the plant in November. The Love Letter Band single looks like it might be backed with a new Dressy Bessy track. I haven't heard back from Tender Forever in ages, so we might have to move on in order to keep the club from being further behind. Then last but not least the Of Montreal / James Husband single should be going into the plant in January. Right now I am using a few different pressing plants, but most are still pretty backed up due to the massive demand for vinyl. It looks as though the club will ship in March if all goes well. The Apples single was at the plant for over 2 months, so the delay is partially from the plant, and from me thinking a split single singles club was a smart idea. I just wanted to keep everyone posted on the progress of the club.

Cars Can Be Blue are still on tour through the East supporting their sophomore album “Doubly Unbeatable”. Go see them if you can, and be on the look out for upcoming UK tour dates for November & December.

Cars Can Be Blue “Shake it to the East” TOUR
27th - North Hampton, MA @ the Elevens
28th - Keene, NH @ Armadillo's Burrittos
29th - Somerville, MA @ PA's Lounge ^
31st - Waltham, MA @ Chum's
1st - Winooski, VT @ Monkey Bar %
3rd - Baltimore, MD @ the Hexagon
5th - Richmond, VA @ Rumors
6th - Charlottesville, VA @ Rapture
7th - Asheville, NC @ Apple Alley
8th - Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor
10th - Charleston, SC @ Tin Roof
12th - Valdosta, GA @ Vito's
13th - Jacksonville, FL @ Eclipse
14th - Miami, FL @ the Vagabond
15th - Delray Beach, FL @ Dada
16th - Orlando, FL @ Stardust Video $
18th - Gainesville, FL @ 1982
19th - Panama City, FL @ the Gift Basket
$ = w/ Marc with a C
% = w/ the Smittens, the Besties, and James Kolchaka
^ = w/ the Howlies

Liechtenstein – Apathy 7”
Summer Cats / Eux Autres – split 7”
Sex Robots / Bunnygrunt – split 7”
Cat on Fire – Draw in the Reins CD EP [restock]
Moscow Olympics – 7” [restock]

New stuff coming soon from Cherryade…….

Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records
P.O.Box 742
Athens, GA 30603

10-26-2008, 09:56 PM
My best to you and Leslie and Eric. And little Pip! I'm so glad none of you were hurt too badly.