View Full Version : saw players that could record for me..and be we'll compensated for it

11-03-2007, 11:43 PM
I'm in the process of recording an album right now. Nothing big, I mean its not going to come out on a label or anything like that. Just a bunch of songs that I like playing and wanted to record. Anyway, i really wanted a singing saw on one of the songs. The part that I want it on is only about one minute long. I have a general idea of what i want, but am open to ideas. Obviously you would have to have recording equipment, so you can record it and send it to me via wav or mp3 format. Unless you live in Las Vegas, then you can come here and record or I could even come to you via laptop. The whole process probably wouldn't take you longer than 30 mins if you're an experienced saw player and it would really mean a lot to me. And for the part you're probably waiting for...in return there are a number of things I can send you. 1. I have of montreal, unicorns, microphones 7" records I can give you. 2. or money..I don't have a lot but I can probably come up with $30 or so which I think is worth the labor. 3. I also have tons of other things I can send you. Anyway if you are interested please put a message up here and I will contact you and send you an mp3 of the song. thanks alot!

edit: i felt compelled to edit my we'll in the title to well..it won't let me though, so i'll just say it here :)