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09-17-2007, 02:20 PM
Hey, an odd question.

I have to do this ongoing comparison/presentation of Dante's Inferno and Invisible Man, citing allusions by ellison and defining how the stories parrallel each other. My idea of a thorough way of presenting this information is to construct a website where I can compare the two, printing out pages of it to explain to the class in more detail, but also providing the link to them so they have it 24/7 and can bring it up as we enter parts of the story that may contain allusions to Dante's work. I plan to also put up Artwork inspired by the divine comedy, and pictures of artifacts/symbols throughout invisible man.

My Question-

What is the best free website today? When I was 10-12 I had about a million "freewebs" or "tripods" and remember other people with angelfires and all sorts of things, but surely there must be something better around today in this age of blogging. If not, I'll be perfectly happy with a freewebs, but If any of you know an easy to edit site that can handle visuals well (especially if it has an inherently aesthetic layout/format) That'd be great.

Thanks, and shout out any answer that comes to mind, I need to start working on this tonight.

Edit: I just checked out Freewebs and It's come a long way. Still open to suggestions though.

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