View Full Version : Simply Because I am Bored-Top 20 E6 and Related

01-12-2004, 02:12 PM
My favorite e6 and e6 related releases

1.Of Montreal-Gay Parade
2.Neutral Milk Hotel-In An Aeroplane..
3.Olivia Tremor Control-Black Foliage
4.Summer Hymns-Voice Brother and Sister
5.Circulatory System
6.Essex Green-Everything Is Green
7.Neutral Milk Hotel-Avery Island
8.Of Montreal-Coquelicot Asleep With The Poppies
9.Elf Power-when The Red King Comes
10.Sunshine Fix-Age of the sun
11.The Gerbils-Are You Sleepy
13.Essex Green-Everything Is Green
14.Olivi Tremor Control-Dusk at Cubist Castle
15.Ladybug Transistor-Albemarle Sound
16.Marbles-Pyramid Landing
17.Apples In Stereo-Her Wallpaper reverie
18.Hawk and a Hacksaw
19.Major Organ and the Adding Machine
20.Summer Hymns-Celebratory Arm Gesture