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General Rules
The Purpose of the Forum
The E6 Townhall is a community centered around discussing the music of the Elephant 6 Collective. Any news, information, discussion, or opinion related to Elephant 6 is welcome. You?re encouraged to share your thoughts, engage in conversation, and make friends - in either the appropriate Elephant 6 artist forums or the General Discussion area. Please follow these guidelines to help maintain a positive atmosphere on the E6 Townhall.

Improper Use of the Forum
Since the E6 Townhall is open to all ages and making all feel welcome is important, please respect other members and refrain from posting:
  1. Offensive language or media - text, imagery, video, etc., that is explicitly obscene or offensive; hateful or derogatory views based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability
  2. Abusive behavior - talk that is abusive, personally offensive, or intended to harass any member of the forum
  3. Spam - memes or junk that is off-topic, repeated, or intended to pollute the forum; advertising for company products
  4. Personal information - content that invades the privacy of others, such as phone numbers, email and home addresses, personal pictures, etc.

Also, to help maintain order on the forum, please keep in mind to:

Search for previous threads that may be relevant to avoid starting a duplicate thread
Post your thread in the correct forum, and do not post the same topic in multiple forums
Turn off autoplay when posting a video

Disciplinary Action
By the sole discretion of the staff, posts or threads containing objectionable content will be removed.

Any user who posts such content will be warned and reminded of the guidelines. Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in a temporary ban. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned based on IP range. Any user who makes a duplicate account while temporarily banned will also be permanently banned based on IP range.

Contacting the Staff
If you have questions or issues, or to report behavior in violation of the guidelines, contact the staff by private message. Please note all staff are volunteers and do this out of love for the music of the Elephant 6 bands.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and enjoy the forum.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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