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06-05-2006, 05:47 PM
I just posted this in the E6 forum, but I thought it made sense here as well.

Hi all
The New Sound of Numbers and Instruments are currently looking to book a small eastish coast tour in July. We have two New York shows scheduled for July 21 and 22. We are wondering if any of you all have some ideas of places to play in say VA, SC, NC, TN, WV, Rhode Island, Delaware, Mass., you know around the area between Georgia and New York with maybe a little wing span. So anyone with club ideas, fun house shows, bars, American Legions, House boats, weddings, bar mitzvahs (?), whatever, let me know on this forum and hopefully we can make it happen. Thanks everybody. E6 for breakfast......mmmmm.........

06-05-2006, 06:41 PM
In Northern Virginia there's Iota in Arlington (Elf Power played there, I think a few others have as well), Birchmere in Alexandria, where there are mainly acoustic and folk shows, and in DC there's Warehouse Next Door and the Black Cat.

As for Southern Virginia, all I know is the Satellite Ballroom in Charlottesville, on the campus of the University of Virginia.

But staying north would be a lot cooler anyways.