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11-29-2004, 10:49 PM
Robert Schneider is a very busy man, his new band Ulysses just released their debut album 010 and it will be featured in Magnets top 20 list of 2004. In 2005 he will be releasing a new Marbles album on Spin Art and a new project The American Revolution (with Craig Morris of the Ideal Distribution) will be releasing their debut 7inch on Bi-Fi Records of Ames, IA.

But first to finish out the year Bi-Fi Records is set to release a Marbles Christmas 7inch with 2 original Christmas songs by Robert. "A Christmas Song" and "Holiday Mood." The single will be available for pre-order Dec. 3rd from
There will only be 400 hand numbered copies pressed, and 150 already have homes so act fast on this one!

Not a band per se, the Marbles were essentially the alias of singer/songwriter Robert Schneider, better known as the frontman of the Apples (in stereo).

A four-track solo project, the Marbles began in March 1992 in the Denver, Colorado apartment Schneider shared with fellow Ruston, Louisiana native and future Olivia Tremor Control founder W. Cullen Hart; primarily a solo project, its sunny pop reflected Schneider's ongoing love of the Beach Boys, incorporating Casios and toy musical instruments into his gentle, guitar-based songs. Upon the Apples' formation in 1993, the Marbles effectively ceased to exist until this year!

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12-09-2004, 10:35 PM
Do any indie distributors carry this 7"? I work in a record store and I'd love to have it there (and I need one too)!
just curious,