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08-27-2004, 05:11 PM
yo, elfpower. the band mouse, which includes myself would very much like to open for you kids on the 6th of november at the art bar. mouse is a band that plays music mostly by susan margolis, who currently lives in greenpoint, brooklyn. we also sometimes play a donovan tune and/or a neil young tune . i think she has some of her music on her website at mouse@mcshine.com. we had booked the show awhile back, but when i heard that ya'll were looking at that date, i was pleased at the prospect of playing with you. in fact, we would really like to open up any shows you might have within a few days of said date. i don't know how much infuence you exert with your booking people, but i didn't think there would be any harm in my asking. i had a great time playing with you at the village tavern in chas,sc. you rocked with authority. also, thanks andrew, for recording that song of mine that chip sang on the e.c.r. comp. i can't describe how i felt when such a great songwriter like chip covered a song of mine. i wanted to cry tears of happiness. and then i heard chip's new outfit, and how great chip sounded, and i think i did cry for happiness. now,if only i had my own copy (supposedly, it's in the mail). so please give me a call at 803 269 4033 if you're interested. thanks, laura, andrew and co. later

08-27-2004, 05:25 PM
it'd probably be best to directly contact the band/label if you haven't already done that:

Label Contact: orangetwin@yahoo.com
Band Contact: elfpower@yahoo.com