View Full Version : The Distance Between

12-26-2009, 02:44 PM
It came with my Orange Twin holiday gift package.

It's really good. It's a complete change from all the other e6 I like (NMH, OTC, Music Tapes).

It's a dive back into straightforward pop and away from lo-fi recordings and saws and obsessive fans and sound collages and everything that has made me who I am today.

It's just really nice.

Of course, I haven't even finished it yet.

02-19-2010, 08:17 AM
this is too lovely a post to not have any comments. i <3 you joe, and great lakes.

02-24-2010, 02:02 PM
I like it a lot too. This band is really underrated.

02-24-2010, 07:53 PM
i just bought all of their CDs on amazon the other day, im pretty exited.

08-03-2011, 11:39 AM
the distance between is easily one of my favorite e6-related albums ever.
i first heard it after kevin barnes gave me a sister city 7" at an of montreal show back on the aldhils tour.

"some of shelley's blues" turned all the way up = pure bliss